Thursday, June 3, 2010

The greatest fishing lure

My Favorite fishing lure has got to be the Mepps Aglia in line spinner. Inline spinner lures are great lures because they catch many different species of fish. Depending on the lure weight and blade size you can catch anything from sunfish to blue gill, to smallies and largies, or even pike and muskie! Not many lures can say that.
I spend my non fishing time, some call it working? Running around suburban Chicagoland in a service truck. In my truck I carry a 6’ 6” ugly stik medium light spinning rod with 8lb flouro spooled on it and a gold bladed Mepps #3 Agilia spinner tied on. In my daily travels I come across all sorts of bodies of water. Lakes, rivers, and ponds. Since my main business keeps me in rural subdivisions and town home complexes, I find myself around small, couple acre retention ponds.
These small ponds get fished by the neighborhood faithful. Because of the fishing pressure these fish have seen their fair share of crawlers, spinner baits, and whatever the newest “hero” lure junior found at bass pro. Even with all the lure types and pressure on these ponds my Mepps guarantees I catch fish. I obviously only have a very short window to fish (lunch?! Who needs a lunch, there’s fish in this lake!) because of my time restraints I need a guaranteed lure, and without a doubt if fish are there, that Mepps will find them.
The other great thing about this lure is that my 3 year old can fish with it. You can throw it out and reel it back in and catch fish. I find to increase your catch rate if you stand on a wind blown bank, cast the lure out and reel back in with a steady retrieve. What also works great is as you reel in just pause every now and then, fish cant resist the falling fluttering blade and those squirrel tails! This lure works great around structure and logs, you just have to watch that the treble hooks don’t hang up on anything. Stained or dirty water obviously are the Mepps strong suit. If you find yourself with crystal clear water this little bugger will still catch fish. If you reel really fast and keep it near the surface almost like a buzz bait you can usually entice a bass to come up and take a whack at it.
The Mepps Agilia is a great go to lure and everyone should have one in their tackle box or work truck. Thanks for reading and happy fishing!